Inspired by: Princess Jasmine

I’m almost positive that every olive-skinned girl born in the VHS-era says this, but I love Princess Jasmine.  Not only does she live in a palace, (which, granted, she tries to escape), but she has a pet tiger!  Cinderella?  Keep your glass slippers, girl.  Sleeping Beauty?  Drink a 5 Hour Energy, whatever.

When I was growing up, Jasmine was the only Disney Princess who looked a bit liked me.  I was sold from the minute I saw her sashaying across the palace courtyard in her harem pants (also known as the bottom half of a salvar kameez) and crop top (aka sari blouse).

The eyebrows, you guys!  Perfection.

Regardless of your preferred princess, it is undeniable that Jasmine has great style.  Here’s my take on a modern-day rendition of the Jaz’s outfit, with a few on-trend spring pieces that you can remix into your wardrobe.

A structured pleather skirt, like this one from Asos, is the basis of this look, which channels Jasmine’s signature blue.


Add a tiger tee, like this one from Mango, to keep the look young and casual while channeling Raja the tiger.

Add gold cuffs like these from Etsy shop PointNoPointStudio as an homage to the genie.

Jasmine would go barefoot, but I’d add gold cap-toed flats like these Jeffrey Campbells on Free People to avoid running sans shoes around the streets of Chicago, (especially in March, brr).

Pair with wavy hair curled in uneven sections around a clipless curling iron, like this one from Remington that I love.  Flip hair over (whee!), tousle with fingers, and lightly mist with hairspray for good-Jaz-gone-wrong look.

Finish the look with BB Cream for dewy, glowy skin.  I’m currently loving Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.  To top it off, add some thick, winged eyeliner, Lakme brand kajal, and black mascara for a Middle-Eastern feel.  Just keep the lip color to a natural, nude finish to avoid going too literal.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?  What look should I cover next?  Tell me in the comments!


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